Debugging Your Projects

Debugging is the process of findings bugs inside your programs. As a code experimentation platform which is particularly optimized for writing and testing ideas, the debugging features are limited but here are a few tips that you may find useful.

Debugging Via The WebView

If your project is web-based you can use the built-in debugger that comes Safari. To open open the debugger simply right click anywhere in The Preview area. Once the menu is visible, click on the "Inspect element" menu item.

webview debugger

As you can see from the screenshot above, the debugger have caught an error that we have deliberately caused in our project. The Safari Debugger is out of scope of Foobar's document. For more information just follow this manual.

Dumb Debugging Techniques

One of the easiest way to debug your programs is to make use of your program output. In other words, ensure that you have enough "print" statements inside. While this method is not as precise as using an actual debugger it works and it does not require any additional setup.